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 Temperature Instruments


Thermocab Instronics offers to you a complete range of temperature instrument that can help you to automate the temperature related process of your plant. We have the best of the temperature indicators that can be operated on battery or on mains supply as per the need.

If you need to control the temperature then we have temperature controller that can not only control the temperature at one point but can also maintain the temperature range. Some process may need temperature to be maintained for some time so we have special Microprocessor based temperature controller with timer.

If you want to monitor temperature along with humidity then we have temperature and humidity indicator and for process that need controlling of the same we have humidity and temperature controller.

For those process that need special universal sensor input we have uni range of temperature indicator and uni temperature controller.

At times the process may need flame proof indicator or controller or scanner we have complete range of flame proof temperature instruments.

The most precious jewel in the crown is that of non contact type temperature indicator, this indicators are very easy to operate and has wide range of applications.

For those process which needs continuous monitoring we have circular chart recorder and strip chart recorder, this recorders can have digital display as well as control action if process needs such automation.

We also have high level of automation system such as Temperature scanner & dataloggers the details of the same is in Scanner and Datalogger section of this site.

If you need to calibrate the temperature instruments then we have a complete range of temperature calibrator the details of the same is included in process calibrators section of the site.

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