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 Temperature Sensors


Temperature sensors form one of the most essential component of any automatic plant, as all the temperature instrument gives you a readout based on this sensors. We offer you a wide range of temperature sensor based on the requirement of your process.

We have all the types of Thermocouple probes that can give you temperature reading of as high as 2200 Degree Centigrade. If you want flexibility across the length of the probe then we have Mineral insulated probes that you can bend to match your requirement.

For different type of process we have Resistance Temperature Devices (RTD's) from temperature of -200 to +600 Degree Centigrade. We also have Thermistor probes up to 200 Degree Centigrade. For cost effective control we have temperature switch that can directly control the temperature at predefined temperature.

To transmit the signals of temperature probes over a long range we have temperature transmitters and to protect the temperature probes from getting effected by the process parameters we have Thermowells.

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